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African Elegance: GBLagos - Bridging Cultures Through Art and Fashion

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In the rhythm of African fashion, every stitch is a note, and every garment is a melody that harmonizes tradition with contemporary elegance.

Damilare and Dunni Odunaro, the dynamic duo behind GBLagos Art and Fashion Brand, have seamlessly blended their passion for fashion, art collection, and cultural preservation. This power couple, brought together by a shared love for creativity, not only found companionship at a fashion show but went on to build a life and business partnership.

GBLagos, born in 2017, was conceived from the realization of a gap in the market. Local artisans crafted remarkable pieces, but lacked a platform to showcase their talents. Simultaneously, visitors to Nigeria sought authentic gifts and souvenirs, yet struggled to find a centralized source.

The brand emerged as the much-needed bridge, connecting local creatives to a global audience. What started with pop-up sales in malls has evolved into a thriving digital space where anyone, anywhere in the world, can access and support African art. This brand recognised that fshion in Africa is more than fabric and style; it's a living tapestry that weaves together history, identity, and the spirit of a diverse continent.

Inspired by the rich tapestry of East and West African cultures, GBLagos crafts designs that not only pay homage to heritage but also empower artisans and creatives. The founders are on a mission to provide a diverse range of handcrafted products, all while fostering income opportunities for African artisans.


Beyond fashion and art, GBLagos is committed to sustainability, environmental impact, and community development. The brand equips individuals with the skills to create beautiful handmade crafts, offering a pathway to long-term financial independence. It's not just about creating products; it's about empowering the average person, providing training, and fostering a community that thrives on creativity.


"Aiyékòótó" - The Parrot by GBLagos x Nwoga The Parrot by GBLagos is a mesmerizing metal sculpture of a parrot crafted from a chopper bike's tank, cutlery ends and engine parts. Its flawless red coat is eye-catching and captivating. Not only is this parrot an exquisite piece of art, but its symbolism adds an air of sophistication to any space. Measuring 4ft tall, Aiyékòótó is an elegant and exclusive addition to any collection.

This piece and more is currently on display at the C.Ceramica Showroom in Victoria Island, Lagos,please visit for viewing.



Good Governance 1988 by Bruce Onobrakpeya 

Metal (Brass) Etching

Size H-33" x W-46" (Inches)



The Eagle 2023 by GBLagos Experience the majestic beauty of The Eagle, a handmade metal sculpture crafted with upcycled bike tank and spoons. Its impressive 3.3ft stature and intricate detail serves as a reminder of the magnificence of nature.

As you explore the vibrant collections at GBLagos, you're not just purchasing fashion and art; you're investing in a vision that enriches lives, preserves culture, and builds a sustainable future for African artisans. Step into the world where every piece tells a story – the story of GBLagos, where art and fashion become a celebration of African elegance.






Posted by Abdulazeez A Shomade | Published on 2023-10-19 09:57:32