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Flytime Fest is Set to Turn the Volume Up!

Flytime Fest, the premier music and arts festival, is set to mark a momentous milestone with its 2023 edition, celebrating 19 years of rhythm, culture, and international allure. The festival features an unparalleled lineup of 20 top-tier international artists, promising an unforgettable musical experience that transcends borders.

Along with Rhythm Unplugged, Flytime Promotions has consistently drawn over 20,000 attendees to Lagos, Nigeria year after year, firmly establishing its position as one of Africa’s most iconic cultural celebrations.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect at Flytime Fest 2023:

International Artists and the Exclusive Rhythm Unplugged Segment:

Flytime Fest has gathered a mix of global talents to create a music experience that connects with audiences worldwide. The festival’s standout Rhythm Unplugged segment will feature exceptional artists, bringing a dynamic energy that transcends musical boundaries. Building on Rhythm Unplugged’s reputation for bringing new talent onto the world stage, Flytime is taking it up a notch in 2023 with international headliners like Roddy Rich and Lil Durk. The impressive lineup will also include, Ajebo Hustlers, BNXN, Brazy, Fave, Fireboy, Iyanya, Mayorkun, Spyro, Wurld, Bloody Civilian, Blaqbonez, Raybeykah, Seyi Vibez, Shallipopi, Smaya, Wurld, Victony.

Vado at 10:

Kizz Daniel‘s Headlining 10-Year Celebration On December 23rd, in a momentous celebration, Kizz Daniel will take center stage to headline “Vado at 10,” commemorating a decade of his extraordinary contribution to the music industry. This special performance promises to be a highlight of Flytime Fest 2023, featuring Kizz Daniel’s chart-topping hits and memorable moments from his illustrious career.

Fly Village:

A Diverse Experience of Artistry and Culinary Delights Flytime Fest is not just about music; it’s an immersive experience that extends to the Fly Village. Attendees can indulge in the vibrant offerings, including live body painting artists, mural painters, and a lineup of confirmed vendors such as Waffles N Cream, Severe Nature, Brkfs, Refine Studios, Eko & Haute and more! The Fly Village is a hub of creativity, bringing together diverse forms of expression for an enriching cultural experience.

Overall Festival Experience:

Immersive, Cultural, and Safe Flytime Fest promises more than just music, it is an immersive blend of music, arts, and culture. The festival organizers prioritize the premium comfort and safety of all guests, ensuring a seamless and secure environment for everyone to revel in the magic of the event.

Fast-Selling Tickets:

Act Now to Secure Your Spot The anticipation for Flytime Fest 2023 is soaring, with tickets selling at an unprecedented pace. We urge all music enthusiasts and cultural aficionados to act swiftly and secure their tickets. The high demand and limited availability for all festival days make it imperative to ensure your presence at this unparalleled celebration.

Flytime Fest embodies youthfulness and vibrancy, capturing the hearts of multiple generations, from the trendsetting Gen Z to the seasoned Gen X. For Afrobeats fans worldwide, the resonating chorus is clear: ‘WE OWN DECEMBER!’

Here’s the full schedule Flytime Fest 2023:

DEC 21, 2023 | Coca-Cola Rhythm Unplugged

DEC 23, 2023 | Headlining Artist, Kizz Daniel

DEC 24, 2023 | Headlining Artist, Davido

DEC 25, 2023 | HeadlinIing Artist, Asake

(ABE) All Black Everything Lagos Monday December 25th, 2023

ABE -“All Black Everything” is a bold and expressive celebration of Life and Excellence. A lifestyle brand that is more than just a party.

Date and time

December 25 · 9pm - December 26 · 5am WAT


Landmark Centre- Water Corporation Drive #Plot 2 & 3 Annex, Lagos

WHAT IS ABE?! ABE -“All Black Everything” is a bold and expressive celebration of Life and Excellence. A lifestyle brand that is more than just a party but an exceptionally Curated experience for the extraordinary person. Over the last 10 years, ABE- All Black Everything has built an extremely recognizable brand that has garnered the attention of influencers, VIP Clientele and brands, as the #1 international Event in Nigeria produced by International Award Winning Tiwa Works + International Guinness World Record Holder Dj Obi. As we continue with our journey, ABE continues to exceed expectations with exceptional marketing and an exceptional experience.

Since 2008, ABE has welcomed over 35,000 attendees celebrating a lifestyle of excellence and success. This footprint gives ABE access as one of the most influential and respected platforms that has consistently been the exceptional gateway for curated messaging, influence marketing, and access to a highly impactful demographic of consumers.

Join ABE to close out 2023 officially!

ABE Lagos December 25th,2023 at Landmark event center.

Enhance your ABE experience with a VIP table Visit www.abetour.com

For assistance booking: Whatsapp +17703617764 / 08093628551

Tickets and VIP tables in all currencies available on www.abetour.com

Please note all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. You agree to these terms when you purchase any ticket or VIP tables. A government-issued ID will be needed to verify your identity for VIP tables/ ticket purchases. Please note an expedited entry ticket does not grant entry to VIP tables. Please purchase a VIP table if you would like bottle service.The dress code is strictly enforced. You must be dressed in the All Black dress code for entry. We reserve the right to refuse admission.

Saudha Bangla Music Festival | University of Oxford | Simpkin Lee Theatre

Saudha Bangla Music Festival is returning for the 10th year with presentations of wide genres of Bengali music by the best of UK & abroad.

Date and time Sat, 28 Oct 2023 17:00 - 20:00 BST

Venue: Simpkins Lee Theatre (Lady Margaret Hall)

About this Event

3 hours

Mobile eTicket: £10.00

Curated by poet Ahmed Kaysher, the festival brings the evolution of exciting genres of Bengali music that originated from 730AD. Counted as 'the largest and top presentations of Bengali music outside Indian subcontinent, the festival presents diverse genres of Bengali music from ancient Charajapada, Vaishnav, Ramprasadi, Toppa to Ponchokobi and modern experimental music with English translation and relevant commentaries in different venues around London and other cities.

The session at Simpkin Lee Theatre (Lady Margaret Hall) features a new take on Rabindranath Tagore (first non-European Nobel Laureate in Literature) and his contemporaries, presentation of splendour of their moving and universal compositions by a few leading interpreters of this captivating music as well as a special music and spoken-words production Tagore and Twilight directed by Ahmed Kaysher.

Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music (www.saudha.org) is a leading platform for South Asian as well other global classical arts. Saudha is critically acclaimed for its series of experimental productions merging poetry, music and painting seamlessly so that each can complement each other. Saudha attracted a diverse source of audiences from all different heritages through its series of presentations of mingling and bridging different arts from different corners of the world as the way of interpreting each other.

Saudha's production Frida Kahlo Through Indian classical music at the Royal Albert Hall has been highly praised by prominent ethno-musicologists, music and literature connoisseurs of the city and beyond.

Saudha's lyrics of Love at the SouthBank Centre and at Edinburgh Fringe and Chayanaut through Sebastian Bach at the House of Commons, Taste of Twilight at ICCR, Kolkata and the Welsh Parliament were critically acclaimed by major media and musicologists.

During Covid, Saudha took the first ever and historic initiative to connect leading musicians of the globe, writers, poets, painters and filmmakers from all across the world through virtual platforms and the sessions were hugely appreciated by the audiences from all around the globe.

Buy tickets HERE