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Swanky Jerry: The Name Behind the Stars' Shine

Jeremiah Ogbodo, sometimes known as Swanky Jerry, is a name connected with Nigerian and, increasingly, African celebrity fashion. Swanky Jerry is a fashion stylist who has risen to prominence by altering red carpets and music videos with his flawless sense of style. Swanky Jerry's journey began in June 2012 with the launch of his brand, Swanky Signatures Styling. He started young, at just 21 years old, but his vision was clear: to elevate the way Nigerian celebrities presented themselves.

Swanky Jerry's success isn't limited to Nigeria. He has styled A-list artists from across Africa, showcasing his talent on an international stage. His appearance on Netflix's "Young, Famous & African" further propelled him into the spotlight, giving a global audience a glimpse into his world of fashion and celebrity. Swanky Jerry is not just about creating show-stopping looks. He is a savvy entrepreneur who has built a successful brand. Swanky Jerry's story is one of passion, talent, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of fashion. 

Blac Ribbon Clothings : Tee Dosunmu Bridging The Gap Between Fashion and Sophistication

Tee Dosunmu, the powerhouse behind Blac Ribbon Clothing, knows how to dress stars. Wizkid and Davido are just a few celebs who trust Blac Ribbon for their effortlessly stylish looks.

Blac Ribbon Clothing ditches loud trends for a sophisticated take on streamlined style. They focus on sharp lines and gorgeous basics with a little something extra. Think comfy clothes you already love, but with unique textures and cuts that flatter your figure. Even their statement pieces are designed to be simple yet stunning, proving you can look amazing without going overboard.

Blac Ribbon is perfect for anyone who loves quality and comfort. Their clothes are so versatile, they work for busy professionals, trendsetters, and everyone in between. Discover how simple can be modern, chic, and empower your own unique style.

[Designer Spotlight] From Law Books to Lookbooks: Toju Foyeh's Classy Ascent.

Not your average designer, Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku (better known by her fashion pseudonym Toju Foyeh). This formidable Nigerian woman took a different route, exchanging legal textbooks for lookbooks and making a name for herself in the thriving fashion industry there.

With a family rich in fashion, Toju's love of design took off at a young age. She did, however, first seek a career in law, graduating from the UK with an LLB and an LLM. Even though she excelled academically, the allure of fashion was too strong, and she eventually enrolled in Milan, Italy's esteemed Istituto Marangon. Toju proved her dedication to both endeavors by finishing her legal education after coming back to Nigeria. 

As a company that values hard effort and originality, TF has designed celebrities such as Tiwa Savage,Kemi Adetiba, Agbani Darego, Betty Irabor, and Osas Ajibade, to name a few. The brand has also collaborated with South African style icon Bonang Matheba and other notable figures from South Africa, including Nomzamo Mbatha, the First Lady of South Africa, and Her Excellency Bongi Ngema-Zuma, among others. 

Burna Boy x G-Star Raw: Match Made from Heaven

Burna Boy, the voice of Afro-fusion, has recently become the new face of G-Star Raw, a luxury denim retailer. The Grammy Award-winning musician is featured in the company's latest global campaign on their social media accounts, showcasing their limited edition Double Denim Edit line.

The Movement. The Energy.🚀
In Denim. ON FORM. @gstarraw out now. #ITOLDTHEM

Founded in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam, G-Star RAW is a Dutch designer clothing company, specializing in raw denim—an unwashed, untreated denim. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel from around the world.

The brand has been associated with numerous celebrities and Burna Boy joins the likes of Pharrell Williams Jaden Smith, and Max Verstappen as an ambassador.

In the campaign's supporting visual, Burna Boy is seen ferociously stomping around the world with his army of dancers, dressed in the company’s exclusive denim collection. His latest single, “On Form” off his album I Told Them.., serves as the musical inspiration for their high-energy choreography, reflecting the brand's ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing authenticity.

In a statement, Burna Boy expressed his deep connection to denim, likening it to his music—a personal dialogue between himself and his identity.

“Denim isn’t just fabric — it’s an extension of who I am,” he said in a statement. “Like my music, it’s personal, a dialogue between me and myself. Every stitch and every fade tell a story. G-Star gets that. They’re not about following trends. They’re about challenging norms, just like me. Our connection goes beyond fashion; it’s about pushing boundaries and embracing authenticity. So, why not ride the wave with G-STAR? It’s a match made in denim heaven,”

Also, G-Star's chief marketing officer, Gwenda van Vliet, praised Burna Boy as one of the most innovative artists of our time, embodying today’s youth culture and challenging norms in both style and music.

The campaign video was shot in black-and-white by multi-awarding-winning director, Dave Meyers.

8/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Adewumi Erhabor

Stylist Extraordinaire, Creative Maven, and Color Maestro

Hailing proudly from the intersection of Nigeria and Liberia, Adewunmi has set up her sartorial playground in the bustling cityscape of NYC.

Her fashion palette is a masterpiece—a symphony of eclectic mixes featuring luxe, high-low, sustainable, and thrifted treasures. Adewunmi doesn't just wear clothes; she conducts a visual orchestra, blending styles and influences to create a harmonious expression of her vibrant personality.

The Beauty Of Personal Style Is That You Are Allowed To Be Your Authentic Self, Take Style Risk & Own Your Looks Without Apologizing For It. I will always take style risks and do the most with my closet because that really is what comes naturally to me…..smiles (I can be simple in my style approach but it won’t be ‘The AmazingAde’) 

Step into her world, where every outfit is a canvas, and Adewunmi paints with a palette that knows no boundaries. Luxe fabrics intertwine with thrifted gems, and high-end fashion dances with sustainable choices. It's a celebration of diversity, a testament to her creative prowess in curating ensembles that defy conventional norms.

As a stylist, Adewunmi Erhabor doesn't just follow trends; she sets them. Her fashion journey is a narrative that spans continents, cultures, and the rich tapestry of New York City. In her hands, fashion becomes a language, and each ensemble speaks volumes about her unique style perspective.

So, fasten your seatbelts for a journey through the kaleidoscopic world of Adewunmi Erhabor. From the streets of NYC to the fashion capitals of Nigeria and Liberia, her style transcends borders, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving canvas of the fashion universe.


7/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Jacqueline O.Billion

Meet Jacqueline O.Billion, more than just a name—it's a declaration of fashion sovereignty. A mobile mannequin, a queen on the runway, her body possesses a divine ability to elevate any piece draped upon it. Jacqueline doesn't wear clothes; she orchestrates fashion symphonies.

As a digital creator and fashion enthusiast, Jacqueline turns sidewalks into catwalks, effortlessly showcasing the versatility of every garment she adorns. Her presence is a testament to the transformative power of fashion when embraced by a true style virtuoso.

On the runway, Jacqueline reigns supreme. With a body that harmonizes with every fabric and silhouette, she's not just a model; she's a muse for designers and a living canvas for fashion dreams. Each step she takes is a proclamation that fashion is not just about the clothes—it's about the enchanting dance between the garment and the one who wears it.

Jacqueline is the definition of range. In her world, every street's a catwalk, every outfit a masterpiece, and every gaze a standing ovation for the embodiment of style and grace.


6/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Dodos Closet

Looking for minimalist,chic styles? Here’s where you should check. 

Dodos Closet is a sanctuary for those who seek the sublime harmony of minimalist and chic styles, especially if you’re passionate about sustainability. If your fashion compass points towards simplicity with a touch of sophistication, this is your treasure trove. Join the journey into a world where less is undeniably more, and chicness reigns supreme.

The closet is an orchestra, a symphony of clean lines, muted tones, and timeless elegance. Each piece curated is a testament to the power of simplicity, proving that in the realm of fashion, the allure lies in the details. From understated silhouettes to carefully chosen accessories, Dodos Closet is a visual poetry of style.

Whether you're a seasoned minimalist aficionado or a curious explorer of chic aesthetics, this is the destination where fashion finds its essence. Prepare to be enamored by the curated simplicity, where every garment tells a story of effortless sophistication. Your wardrobe deserves a touch of timeless elegance, and here is where you'll find it.


5/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Corporate_Curly

Dive into the world of workwear wonders with Nkechi, better known as @corporate_curly—a trailblazer representing the #workwear girls with unparalleled style. This Nigerian-American blogger doesn't just elevate her workwear looks; she transforms professional attire into a fashion statement. Beyond the threads and fabrics, Nkechi serves as a beacon for Black women in the diaspora, inspiring them to embrace their natural curls with pride.

As a curator of her own fashion narrative, Nkechi fearlessly steps outside the bounds of convention, infusing her personal style into every outfit choice. Her Instagram is a visual feast of workwear excellence, proving that office attire doesn't have to be bland or boring; it can be a canvas for fun expression and a reflection of individual style.

In a world where fashion and hair are intertwined, Nkechi's influence extends beyond the boardroom. As an HR manager, she not only understands the language of professionalism but also speaks the dialect of trendy and stylish workwear. Through her posts, she strikes the delicate balance between fashion-forward and office-appropriate, showing that work clothing can be both a statement and a celebration of personal flair.

So, join the parade of #workwear girls and witness Nkechi's mastery as she transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. From her desk to the digital realm, every post is a reminder that fashion is not just about what you wear—it's a manifestation of your personality, and Nkechi is here to prove that workwear can be both a professional armor and a stylish showcase of individuality.

4/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Max and Mife: The Colourful Fashion Couple

Step into the kaleidoscopic world of Max & Mife, a dynamic and vibrant fashion power couple reigning supreme in the heart of Manchester. As their influence skyrockets, this duo has become synonymous with living and breathing the language of bright, up-to-the-minute styles and vibrant trends. The proof lies in the carefully curated tapestry of their Instagram page and the lively dance of colors on their TikTok canvas.

Known to their devoted fanbase as 'The Colourful Fashion Couple,' Max & Mife are not just influencers; they're trend architects who have woven a technicolor dream across their social media platforms in record time. From styling and coordination to selecting the perfect backdrop, every post is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering a visual feast of the highest quality to their followers. Little wonder that they've already become collaborators with global titans in the industry, from Oh Polly and Kurt Geiger to Shop Style, Shein, asos, Taco Bell, and RHS.

So, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the technicolor universe of Max & Mife, where every outfit is a brushstroke of boldness, every collaboration a testament to their rising star, and every post an invitation to join the celebration of all things vibrant, stylish, and utterly captivating.


3/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Fisayo Longe

Enter the enchanting realm of Fisayo Longe, the visionary behind Kai Collective—a contemporary brand meticulously designed to be the catalyst for women to embrace their most confident selves. Fisayo is not just a fashion luminary; she's a trend-setting stylist who has cast her spell across the pages of prestigious fashion hymnals, from ELLE to Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Bazaar, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Nestled in the heart of London, Kai Collective is Fisayo Longe's brainchild, a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering women through fashion. But Fisayo's journey didn't begin with a design studio; it started on the digital frontier. A bona fide OG in the world of fashion and travel blogging since 2012, Fisayo's adventures took her fabric hunting during her globetrotting escapades. What emerged from these journeys was not just outfits but a brand born out of curiosity and community intrigue.

So, buckle up for a voyage into the captivating universe of Fisayo Longe where her ingenuity has transformed fabric into fashion, curiosity into a brand, and each piece into a proclamation of confidence.



2/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Shewa Jay

Meet Adeshewa Kalejaiye, affectionately known as Shewa Jay. In a world where style is a language, Shewa Jay is the eloquent poet, crafting verses with fabrics and hues that resonate with every fashion aficionado. She unfolds a pack of style, from African print symphonies to work-wear sonatas, wedding guest ballads, and casual rhapsodies that would make even the most seasoned fashionista do a double take.

Not all fashion bloggers are created equal, and Shewa Jay is living proof. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of slay goals and style inspirations, a kaleidoscopic journey through the landscapes of chic. Whether she's donning the armor of formal elegance or the casual chic cape, Shewa Jay is a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a masterclass in the art of looking fabulous.

So, buckle up and get ready to be spellbound by the fashion alchemy of Shewa Jay. In a world saturated with trends, she doesn't just follow them—she curates them, transforms them, and invites you to join her on a stylish odyssey where every ensemble tells a story of confidence, charisma, and unapologetic slayage.


1/9 Instagram Style and Fashion Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Wardrobe—Mary Otapkor

Fashion, for style enthusiasts, is a form of storytelling. That’s why they call it a statement when your style is memorable.

Searching for inspiration to create your own wardrobe statement?

Embark on a sartorial journey with Chinenye Mary Otakpor, the reigning monarch of fashion on Instagram. Her blog, Queen's Playground, serves as the throne from which she dispenses wisdom on all things style, travel, and lifestyle. But it's not just about the clothes for Chinenye—it's a manifesto of positivity, a declaration of audacity, and a celebration of looking undeniably fabulous in every moment.

Chinenye's Instagram grid is a visual feast, showcasing her regal flair and impeccable taste in fashion. As a Canadian influencer, she adds a touch of elegance to the chilly northern landscapes, proving that style knows no temperature bounds. Her posts are a testament to the fact that each day is a runway, and Chinenye struts through life with an unapologetically audacious style that captivates and inspires.

Follow along as we unravel the threads of Chinenye's wardrobe, exploring the nooks and crannies of her closet where timeless pieces and contemporary trends coexist in perfect harmony. Join us on this fashion pilgrimage, where every image is a stroke on the canvas of style, and Chinenye Mary Otakpor reigns supreme as the queen of chic.


Amaarae Graces Office Magazine NYC October Cover

In the October issue of Office Magazine NYC, the vibrant energy of Ghana finds a captivating muse in none other than Amaarae, the sensational Fountain Baby. Gracing the cover, she is a vision of unapologetic artistry, a breakthrough music sensation radiating through the lens of cultural fusion.

Amaarae's presence is a testament to the global resonance of her sound, an infusion of Afro-fusion beats and unbridled creativity that has taken the music scene by storm. Her appearance on the cover is not just a recognition of her musical prowess but a celebration of the cultural tapestry she weaves into her craft.

With a style that's as eclectic as it is authentic, Amaarae represents a new wave of artists breaking barriers and redefining the narrative. The cover is a canvas, and she, the brushstroke that paints a vivid picture of Ghanaian influence reverberating through the heart of New York City.

In this visual symphony, Amaarae stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists, proving that authenticity knows no borders. The October issue of Office Magazine NYC doesn't just showcase a musician; it unveils a cultural ambassador whose music transcends boundaries, making waves and leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. Amaarae, the Fountain Baby, continues to pour her essence into the world, and with every note, she resonates the heartbeat of a new musical era.


Photography + mixed media @enmiyang

Styling @vvutura

Creative Direction @mitchism

Interview @imichaelanthonyhall

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Graphic Design @jiyoon_cha @sofiefinderup

How Outterspace is Redefining Luxury for African-Owned Fashion Brands

Africa is home to cultural diversity– the languages, histories, fashion. African fashion especially, is becoming a spectacle in the fashion world with several African-owned fashion brands contributing their uniqueness to the contemporary urban fashion landscapes. One of these brands is Outterspace Integrated Luxury.



True to its passionate and unconventional imaginative roots, Outterspace Integrated Luxury (www.outterspaceluxury.com) is positioned to become a global voice that enhances the visibility of Africa's thriving luxury fashion industry. In three years of its existence, some of our favourite celebrities and influential figures have taken a liking to the brand’s uniqueness and youthfulness, thus making incredible collectoons from the brand a mainstay in their wardrobe.


Outterspace integrated Luxury (www.outterspaceluxury.com) encapsulates self expression, comfort, status, sophistication and  street credibility. At the helm of its creative thinking is excellence. Therefore, the brand works relentlessly and creatively to appeal to fans of luxury streetwear; fans of high-end premium style and comfort all over the world. Currently, the brand has its origin and stronghold in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and is gradually spreading its branches to the rest of Africa, Europe, America and Asia.



Unlike most African-owned fashion brands that are often treated as quota purchase (purchases meant to show love and support for Blacks), @Outterspace_Luxury  is changing the game with a voice that screams class by bringing their unique design and aesthetic visions to life on bodies across the globe. In doing this, they're not only redefining the perspective on luxury in Africa but also paving the way for African-owned fashion brands of the future to compete with other global brands  in the fashion world. 


Their incredible designs are statement pieces made for those who aren't afraid to stand out and use their clothes as a means of self-expression. The creative minds behind the brand aim to infuse cosmogenic joy and uncompromising quality into the wardrobe of their consumers through their incredible designs. A look through their collection reveals pieces that exude class and fits into a myriad of situations including Sunday brunch, date nights, picnics, etc etc etc.



Overall, Outterspace Integrated Luxury (@Outterspace_Luxury) positions itself as a fashion treasure in the contemporary urban landscape deserving of all attention and fit to compete with global fashion big guns. They aren't only appealing to fans of comfort and sophistication but they also remain a premium, bold yet versatile addition to any wardrobe.