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Gabbytane: The Future is Now

Afrobeats have continuously seized the world by storm. With its rhythms and engaging melodies, it goes beyond a genre; it's a form of cultural reset. While Afrobeats reigns dominant, a new generation of Nigerian artists is pushing limits and broadening the sound spectrum. These acts are taking Afrobeats' foundations and blending them with unexpected inspirations, resulting in a sound that is fresh, thrilling, and prepared to drive the genre even higher into the worldwide spotlight. Gabbytane is one of those at the epicenter of the Nigerian musical scene explosion.

Early Life and Influences 

Gabbytane has been into music for 6 years but took it up professionally 4 years ago. He attended Lagos State Model College Kankon. He studied History and International relations at Ajayi Crowther University,  Oyo State, where he finished with second-class upper honors in the year 2020. His stage name “Gabbytane” is a fusion of his name Gabriel and one of my favorite quotes that says ( TALENT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH ) T.A.N.E.which serves as a constant reminder to him to always put in the work.

Music started as a hobby for the multitalented act originating from listening to old music catalogs from his dad, he was always enthralled with music, and over time he started bugging his parents for a guitar which triggered my interest and love for music. At the age of fourteen, he was in a band called DAIZE, learning songs and freestyling with friends on downloaded beats back in high school. Gabbytane became so invested in his music that he started performing at school shows such as socials, trade fairs, departmental weeks, and the like which marked the beginning of his music journey. Not long after, he got into writing songs and performing which eventually led to the release of his first official single titled “Jeje” in July 2019, The release earned favorable reviews and this cemented his commitment to his musical career. His music was influenced by a lot of artists in different ways but he grew up listening to artists like 2face, Bob Marley, Zule Zoo, Majek Fashek, Lucky Dube, Burna Boy, Patoranking, Chronixx, Durela, and MI Abaga. 

Musical Career And Journey So Far

Gabbytane draws his musical inspiration from the reggae culture and sound and also other genres such as afrobeat and RnB. He describes his music as “dancehall fusion” which is a blend of dancehall music into every other genre.

He believes that regardless of the general narrative of music having the ability to heal people mentally and spiritually, He sees music as an escape from this world which makes him transcend into a world within his imagination through different beats, harmony, and chorus. 

However, It has not been a bed of roses for the super-talented act. He gets difficult due to specific reasons, most importantly finance. As well as breaking into the mainstream of the music industry. He also believes that with so many new avenues available to aspiring artists nowadays, the competition for listeners’ attention is fiercer than ever. 

He strongly believes that finding the right people to work when trying to build a career in the music business is an act of courage.He also has a strong passion for acting that If he wasn’t making music he would  definitely be acting, cause it has always been something he had passion for outside music.He has also excelled in acting industry which led him to win  best actor award  for a drama project organised by Lagos state.

Yartti: Embarking on A Journey Rooted in Harmony

Yartti is just growing as a professional artist, but he's far from being one-dimensional. He’s a soulful blend of childhood choruses, infectious energy and a fearless spirit that refuses to be confined to a single genre. This burgeoning artist promises break the mold, and his music is a sonic adventure waiting to be explored. 

Yartti's love affair with music began long before the catchy stage name and professionally produced tracks. It all started in the innocence of a children's choir, where his young voice found its place amongst a harmonious melody. There, amidst the joy of singing, a passion ignited. Music wasn't just a hobby; it was a language, a way to express himself and connect with something bigger. 

Fast forward to March 15th, 2023. This wasn't just another random date; it marked Yartti's official entry into the professional music scene. With a fire in his belly and a sound unlike any other, he took the leap, ready to share his music with the world. 

But what exactly is the sound of Yartti? Buckle up, music lovers, because this is where things get interesting. Yartti isn't afraid to push boundaries. His music is a captivating fusion of Highlife's infectious rhythms, the pulsating energy of Afrobeats, the smooth sensuality of R&B, and the soulful honesty that tugs at your heartstrings. Think of it as a musical gumbo, a delicious blend of influences that creates something entirely new and utterly irresistible. 

Where does Yartti draw inspiration for his genre-bending sound? A peek into his record collection reveals a diverse range of influences— the legendary Osibisa, the soulful stylings of Ed Sheeran, and the captivating energy of Saint Jhn. But beyond these musical giants, there's an even more powerful source of inspiration— his mother. Yartti himself says, "My mom is my pillar. She believes in everything I do, so that's where I get my confidence from." This unwavering support fuels his passion and empowers him to chase his dreams.

Yartti's story is just beginning. He's a young artist with a sound that defies definition and a spirit that's hungry to make its mark on the world. With his unique blend of genres, his dedication to his craft, and the unwavering support of his family, Yartti is poised to become a major force in the music scene

F3line: Excellence Between Engineering Rigours and Musical Aspirations

Forget your typical pop princess narrative. Etietop Utin (Pka: F3line)'s story is one of soaring ambition, defying expectations, and harnessing the power of music to paint vivid sonic landscapes. It's a journey that takes us from the rigorous halls of engineering to the electrifying world of Afrobeats and R&B fusion. Buckle up, music lovers, because F3line's melody is just getting started. 

F3line is a breath of fresh air – a powerhouse vocalist with a soulful voice and a heart full of Afrobeats. But her journey from choir girl to rising star is paved not with glitter and privilege, but with dedication, family love, and a whole lot of hustle. 

Music wasn't just a choice for F3line; it was a calling. Before she could even hold a microphone, her mom recognized the raw talent bursting from her daughter's tiny lungs. The church choir became her training ground, a haven where she found not just acceptance but a community of fellow music lovers. It was here, surrounded by uplifting melodies and harmonious voices, that F3lin's passion truly ignited. But her ambitions soared beyond belting out hymns. She craved the freedom to express herself, to weave stories and emotions into her own music. And so, fueled by the boundless possibilities music offered, F3line began composing, her voice taking flight on the wings of self-expression. 

While most teenagers juggle schoolwork and social lives, F3line balanced textbooks with a burning desire for musical exploration. But she wasn't a one-trick pony. Education held equal importance, and F3lin set her sights on academic excellence as well. She is also a brilliant mind, drawn to the world of logic and problem-solving. Buckle up, because this is where things get impressive: F3line graduated with a first-class degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Covenant University . While this seems like a contradictory path, defying expectations! But with that diploma in hand, F3line made a bold decision – it was time to go all-in on music.  

So, what kind of sonic magic does F3line create? Hold on to your dancing shoes because her music falls under the tantalizing umbrella of Afro-pop/Afro-R&B. Think infectious Afrobeats rhythms infused with soulful R&B melodies – a sound that's as irresistible as it is unique. But F3lin isn't just about catchy tunes; her lyrics are like vivid paintings, transporting listeners into a world of emotions. Her EP Hopeless Romantic is a vivid attestation to her music prowess. 

But F3line’s story extends beyond the stage. This talented woman also boasts a degree in engineering, proving she's a force to be reckoned with in both the creative and technical worlds. When she's not captivating audiences with her voice, F3line unleashes her artistic expression through modeling and painting.  

Family is F3line's rock. Her mom, a believer in her daughter's star power from the very beginning, remains her biggest cheerleader. It's for her family that F3line pours her heart and soul into her music, driven by the desire to create a legacy they can all be proud of. 

F3line's story is far from over. This is just the first verse in an exciting musical journey. With her electrifying talent, unwavering determination, and a supportive family by her side, F3line is poised to become the next big name in Afropop. So, keep an eye (and an ear) out for this rising star, because F3line is about to paint the music world with her soulful brilliance. 

KOLD AF: Between Law Books and Dancehall

Remember that moment when you first discovered your passion? For Arktik Kold, also known as Kold AF, it wasn't a specific event, but rather a lifelong journey of creativity that culminated in a powerful four-year musical pursuit. Her story is a vibrant blend of diverse influences, unwavering faith, and a burning desire to push the boundaries of sound, making her an artist worth watching.

Born into a world teeming with creativity, Kold AF, navigates the stage with the confidence of a seasoned artist and the hunger of a rising star. Though her professional journey began just four years ago, music has always been a pulsating thread woven into the fabric of her life. Like a skilled weaver, she blends diverse influences and personal growth into a soundscape that's uniquely her own.

"It's hard to remember a time when I wasn't drawn to music and exploring ways to express myself creatively," she muses, reflecting on her childhood. This innate yearning for artistic expression led her to embrace a world of musical inspiration, where icons like Rihanna, Burna Boy, Sean Paul, Asa, and Cynthia Morgan ignited her creative fire. Their styles, diverse yet connected, fueled her passion for fusion, a philosophy that would become the cornerstone of her own musical identity.