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Wizkid, the Afrobeats maestro, has dropped another detty December tune with "Soundman Vol. 2." This December surprise marks the second offering in his "Soundman" series- a sonic playground promising sunshine-soaked grooves and good vibes galore. 

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room – or rather, the elephant not quite there. Lyricism? Deep introspection? Existential crises? Not on this EP, folks. "Soundman Vol. 2" is all about basking in the sonic warmth, letting Wizkid's smooth vocals wash over you like a piña colada on a Bahamian beach. Think catchy hooks, infectious beats, and enough swagger to fill a Lagos nightclub. It's an EP designed to make you move, not mull over the meaning of life.

Wande Coal, the Afrobeats vocal titan, joins the party on "Ololufe," their voices gliding effortlessly over the Amapiano-infused track. It's a laid-back masterclass in effortless cool, two legends proving that sometimes, less is truly more. This has been Wande Coal's recent MO- jumpy beat with fewer lyrics and more vocal experimentation. Picture a playful time in the studio, with two musical royalty just… vibing, rehashing standout lyrics of classics. That's "Ololufe" in a nutshell.

But amidst the breezy bliss, it's Zlatan Ibile who steals the show on "IDK." This guy has been on fire all year, spitting verses like dragonfire on features and solo tracks alike. His contribution to "IDK" is no exception – a fiery finale to a mellow EP, proving that even in a playground of feel-good vibes, there's always room for a bit of lyrical heat.

So, is "Soundman Vol. 2" a groundbreaking masterpiece? Perhaps not. But is it a damn good time? Absolutely. It's a four-track escape hatch from the drudgery of everyday life, a portal to a world where worries melt away and anxieties evaporate in the face of Wizkid's infectious groove. It's the sonic equivalent of a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne – bubbly, bright, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This might actually be a reflection of how Big Wiz has chosen to cope with his recent travails. Rather than sing a tribute or recreate the energy of "Joy", he's chosen to mask the pain (or distract from it) in tracks like "Diamond" and "Energy".

Anyway, crank up the volume, grab your favourite dancing shoes, and let "Soundman Vol. 2" transport you to a world where the only rule is to let loose and enjoy the ride. Just don't expect to find the meaning of life here – that's a different beach party altogether. This, my friends, is pure, unadulterated sonic pleasure. And that's all you need after a very tough year.

"Tough times don't last but tough people do, we go stand tall."

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Following the success of his last album, Rave and Roses, Rema came like a thief in the night to announce the release of his newest EP ‘Ravage’.  In Rave and Roses, he explored aspects of his early life and showcased his versatility with a mix of Afrobeats, trap, and soulful melodies.

In 'Ravage,' Rema shifts to a different theme, describing it as an outburst from within, fueled by drive, passion, and destiny. The project aims to convey a sense of release, albeit with an intensity akin to fire.

'Ravage' reintroduces a side of Rema reminiscent of 2019, where he expresses himself without reservation. In "Trouble Maker," he confidently asserts his talent, reclaiming the title of "Prince of Afrobeats" with poise. Throughout the 14minutes-long EP, Rema addresses personal growth, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining peace of mind as emphasised on DND, and expanding the frontiers of Afrobeats— holding the game down.  He distinctively spoke about his growth as an individual in all aspects of his life in track 3 ‘Smooth Criminal’

Contrary to expectations, Rema surprises listeners with tracks 4 and 5, "Don't Leave" and "Red Potion," revealing a seductive and romantic facet. The EP is presented as an experimental endeavor, earning both praise and criticism. Nevertheless, Rema effectively communicates his emotions and storytelling prowess, leaving an indelible impression.

While the longevity of the tracks remains uncertain, 'Ravage' has made a notable impact, garnering over 1.8 million streams on Spotify on its first day and securing the title of the highest-charting African EP in Apple Music history.

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Life is a wild rollercoaster ride, and the music industry is no exception. One moment, an artist is on top of the world, selling out shows left and right, the life of the party and the press's best friend. But in the blink of an eye, their latest singles struggle to gain traction on digital platforms. This is the current battle that Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, better known as Mayorkun, is facing in the Nigerian music scene.

Mayorkun, affectionately called the Mayor of Lagos, was once the industry's sweetheart (still is). He was the go-to guy for collaborations, to the point where he had to turn down offers. But lately, things haven't been as smooth for him. Maybe it's due to his intermittent breaks or his label change from Davido Music Worldwide to Sony Music West Africa, among other factors. 

Regardless, after six months of silence, Mayorkun is making his comeback this October with his latest extended play, "Love...For Free," his first body of work since his 2021 release, "Back in Office."

The EP consists of five tracks, with two previously released ones and only one collaboration. Mayorkun plays it safe with this project, diving into the theme of love, opening up about his hiatus, and subtly addressing his frenemies. It's understandable if he seems a bit uncertain about the current market dynamics, trying to come to terms with how fast things have changed since he last dominated the scene. For an artist accustomed to consecutive hit singles and high demand from his peers, it's safe to say that Mayorkun is navigating uncharted territory.

To be honest, Harry Potter and Merlin might need an extra hand to match the magic in this project.

After marriage and childbirth-induced pause, Simi finally decided to share her 4th studio album, To be Honest. This is her first independent album under her record label, Studio Brat. 

Since stepping into the limelight with her phenomenal sophomore album, Simisola, in 2017, Simi has had it all— the hits, the misses, the accolades and everything in between. This is what she tries to exert in the 11 tracks of this project spanning 31 minutes, 11 seconds. 

Hence, as the title of the album alludes, she begins by making the first two tracks personal statements— one about the journey so far. Recounting origins; counting the Ls and Ws and emphasizing the B status. It's only sane that after paying your dues, and making necessary sacrifices, you come to acknowledge yourself. The two tracks—Story Story & Born Again—are great intro tracks that draw listeners into the honest outlook Simi was employing for the album.

Born Again especially carries the element of her Gospel days in a mix with what we might call the AG Baby effect. It's obvious that Simi and Tio Tequila have continued to exchange prowess in each other's projects well before marriage and that isn't stopping. After all, isn't that part of what marriage is about?

Despite the influence Daddy Deja and Mummy Deja have on each other, it seems the depth in the contents of their collaboration is retrogressing. Balance isn't like what we saw in the heydays of— No Forget, By You, Promise. This one is easily forgettable; Not because the delivery is and anyway but because of the unimpressive content. Simi alters Fireboy “Peru” and uses some sweet igbo lingua on the chorus and Tio Tequila bounced like he would.  

To be honest, the retrogression is visible in the whole album as Simi takes a seemingly playful manner of delivery especially in her rhyme schemes. The honesty in this project doesn't hit only from the lyrics; it appears in how Simi has chosen to display her artistic prowess in terms of range and flexibility. She shows her striking self who's inspired by gospel music, then an artist who can harmonize other sounds and exert fluidity.

Loyal is easily a favourite on the album with Fave bringing in her dreamy voice to bond with Simi's alluring vocals to create a soothing melody. The track remains an outstanding R&B and pop-infused drop on the project shedding light about a love that should depend on loyalty.

Naked Wire, Temper, Nobody are also brilliant tracks with sultry vocals and crisp productions. Simi swaggers her ability to effectively employ Afropop and wordplay on these tracks. Temper would easily pass as a party starter. Same as Logba Logba which has a groovy inflection to it. 

Simi ends the album on a note of gratitude with Love for Me. This track further concretized the influence of Highlife on her sound, it is a bit ethereal with spiritual connotations showing the motherly side of Simi. This is a perfect round off track.

While it may look like we may not have the same content quality like we did in Simisola, we still have an artist who is intentional about development in different aspects. Therefore, To Be Honest sounds like her most harmonious project so far— the vocal range, tempos, and beats used in the creation of this project all seem cohesive.

Of course Falz is a bhad boy, what was he thinking of when he said “I dey hit am, e be steady” on All Night or “the way she ride it, I no get the car details” on Woman?

While BHAD might be hard to categorize, two themes are prevalent— sultriness & cockiness.

Is this the Falz we know and how good is this project?

Over the years, Falz has expressed the depth of his talent, versatility and fluidity across different sounds. Whether he’s rapping alone, duetting, making Amapiano, or delivering a spoken styled performance, Falz shows that he’s capable of delivering excellently across different soundscapes.

However, here we’re seeing another Falz, experimenting as a singer. In the build up to the album, Falz intentionally takes his audience through a journey you’ll applaud as a well-executed content marketing strategy. He tagged it #RoadtoBhad.

In about 10 episodes, he shares excerpts of the songs in the album, the thought processes and backstage works that went into making them.

In the very first content he shared in the prelude to the album, he mentioned how BHAD is an entry into a new character; a new perspective. He also hints on the anxiety he feels from working on the album— the kind that is normal to feel from trying out something new, honestly.

So, we waited to embrace this with open minds. And I’m sure I speak for a lot of music fans when I say, we aren’t disappointed. We’re indeed intrigued by this execution. 

Like I mentioned earlier, BHAD is a mix of sultriness and cockiness. The very first track on the album, ‘Another Me’, combines both elements. In this track, Falz delivers a bouncy rap bothering on trap and a cocky hook on a piano instrumental laced with bass guitar solo that makes it feel like Rock/Jazz. Another Me hammers on Falz’ uniqueness, how he is a forerunner that sets examples that others want to imitate. He also gives sassy lines on how he makes his women feel. 

Some of the songs, to borrow Folarin’s words, “represent a sound of intimacy” . Tracks like All Night, Beautiful Sunflower ft Tiwa Savage follow each other in quick succession setting a sultry tone for a moment of all things sexy.

While All Night drags in a less enjoyable manner, Beautiful Sunflower is smooth, simple, and sassy— all the elements of a bad guy. Tiwa Savage upped the flawlessness of the track with her dreamy delivery, giving the track all it needs to be a lead on song.

At the same time, you find a cocky tone in some of the tracks— the kind of time that you’ll only see when you’re chilling out with friends. Groove, swagger and cruise. This is evident in Parampe and Roger Milla.

Parampe is an intentional track. Executing cocky lyrics with a groovy tone in a perfect Afrobeat style isn’t something that looks random. The sax instrumental and backup vocals came to bear on the blend of proverbs and witty lines that hammers on an inviolable status.

The sultriness continues in the next 6 tracks after with Knee down, Gentleman and Tender Love leaning towards a more romantic tone showing vulnerability. Knee Down especially is an exquisite tune with incredible repeat value. An insane hook with a beautiful blend of rap.

When we get to Inside, we also see a romantic Falz who employs the help of Timaya and Boy Spyce to deliver another incredible track. On this track, it becomes more obvious that the features are intentional. All featured acts came to deliver on an instrumental and a theme that seems like their stronghold. Hence, Timaya does excellently with his unique vocals and Boy Spyce delivered the most impressive verse on the album.

Overall, although BHAD is hard to categorize and it’s a new style of execution, it is still enjoyable. It concretizes the fact that Falz is one artist that takes the art seriously and is intentional about excellence.

Before hitting the music scene proper six years ago, Teni created sensation on the internet with her covers and comedic freestyles. Upon hitting the Nigerian music industry, her phenomenal artistry earned her the Headies Rookie of the Year Award in 2018. Since then to date, she's registered several hit singles to her name including Billionaire, Uyo Meyo, Case, Sugar Mummy, Wait amongst others.

A certified vocalist and revered songwriter, Teniola Apata has held her hone in the industry since she began in  2016. Although she's dropped a couple of EPs— Billionaire and Quarantine Playlist— it's still amazing to discover that she's just releasing her debut album after five years down the line. 

Released March 19, 2021, under Dr Dolor Entertainment, WONDALAND is a 17-track album with a playing length of  49minute 58seconds. 

The Art

Beginning from the Album Art, there's a quick realization of Teni's free-spirited nature. Also, the art is a representation of the artist's conception of her achievement in the music industry. The album, Wondaland, is akin to a personal diary where Teni lays herself bare in a colourful, creative, honest, and humorous manner. She relays her romantic fantasies in tracks such as Game Over, Injure Me and Wonda Why. Tracks such as Maja, Dad's Song, Hustle, XXXL dwell on personal ordeals. In a track like Were, she exhibits an Afrocentric masterclass, which is also an inherent part of what makes her phenomenal.

maja maja maja [I'll force it open×3]

if them no open door for me 

emi a ja'lekun [I'll force the door open] 


The Album

Following a popular trend, the album kicks off with an audacious statement that discloses the artist's presence and prowess as well as vision and mission.

"...this little light of mine / I'm gon' let it shine / trouble dey there / I'm gon make it shine. . ."

Delivered in a melodic voice accompanied by a piano and rounded off by a native panegyric, Maja lays a perfect foundation for every other song on the track. 

This structural consciousness of the album becomes more evident on the second track— the only feature on the album— For You, a single which dropped sometime in mid-February. 

Aside from the structural quality, the album is also resounding evidence of Teni's dexterity— her ability to deliver on different instrumentals and maintain her expertise. 

On songs like Game Over and Injure Me, Teni reminds us of what she did on Fargin but this time in an even better manner. Over an impeccable flow, she goes covertly X-Rated on both songs. 

FBI, Moslado, Okocha and Jo are upbeat energetic songs which are different songs like On— a distinct Amapiano sound where Teni projects herself as a helpless romantic. 

On Toxic, Teni shows a completely different part of her that we've never seen. The songs begin with a playful trap beat and adopt a highlife vibe at intermittent points. On lyricism and titling, this song passes as a 100 per cent toxic song. 

Wonda Why is a close opposite to Toxic. Here, the persona isn't unstable, rather she is ready to give her all to her partner. Ready to be supportive, dedicated and selfless. 

In a conscious demeanour, Teni speaks about her personal struggles as an artist on Hustle. Success comes with a price. As Teni recounts, most of the time the price is paid in pressure and expectations from those around who you expect to understand you the most but will fail to. This track is reminiscent of songs like The Life of Star by Lil Kesh & Adekunle Gold and Airplane Mode by Fireboy.

Certainly, the most conscious and touching track on Wondaland however, is Dad's Song. Born in 1992, Teni obviously didn't get the chance to build a relationship with her dad, Simeon Apata who died in 1995. She wrote the song telling him how far she's come, how happy he would have been if he was here and how he's been like an invisible guide and confidence booster for her. 

Teni infers to her battle with body shaming and how she's gone beyond what people will say. She also closes the track with an inspirational lyric for people who are going through the same ordeal. The social consciousness and fellowship in this song stretch into the bonus track, Black, which dwells on racism, political oppression, corruption and brutality. She hammers on one central demand in the song— Freedom!


In conclusion, this album is pure magic like its name suggests. It ticks all boxes from multiple top-notch productions with Pheelz recurring more than others. Versatility in sound and lyrics wrapped in honesty and humour. Undoubtedly, the time Teni has taken to perfect her craft before putting this out makes Wondaland a masterclass debut album—a worthy template for both upcoming and established artists.


Bukola Elemide, popularly known as ASA, released her fifth studio album, 'V' [five in roman numeral, notice the intentionality?] on the 25th of February. Right from when she dropped the sensational  song “fire on the mountain”, ASA has not ceased to remain the vivid storyteller with a knack for profound lyrics blended with jazz beat and swirl moves. 

Unarguably, she's the celebrity of celebrities and a favourite to all. Not only does her artistry stand her out, Her character and style, especially her locked hair compliments her alte fashion making her a phenomenal difference and an appeal to Gen Z. On this album, 'V' she switches things up a bit and brings in alternative and Afrobeats fusion to the mix and oh boy, it’s spectacular!

Before I delve into why the “V” album is an extravaganza and an eargasmic art, let’s go down memory lane. Who knows, we might notice a pattern.

Bukola’s eponymous Asa's debut 10-track album titled Asa graced ears in 2007. Epic storytelling and an art that slowly introduced listeners to her style and mind, picking inspiration from politics and introspection. Purely grand!

Then she went on to release her second album “Beautiful Imperfections” in 2011,— an astounding title for an album filled with imperfectly perfect tracks. right as each song on the album was each an imperfection and cumulatively, a beautiful imperfection. It spelled an increased effort in music production, compared to the first album. Just like we all do, embrace growth and implement it. 

In 2014, ASA reminds us of her specularity with “Bed Of Stone” as she delivers a variety of musical sounds with her smoky voice. She experimented a lot in this album by using different sounds including country, pop, blues and more. She delved deep with her lyrics and expressed heartbreak, hedonism, immigration and more in it. Again, her album gets better and brain-stimulating at every release. I call it the chef-d’oeuvre. “Lucid”, 2019, showed an experienced songwriter with a clear-cut and vivid album. It was a simple pop production laced with love lyrics and vivid storytelling technique. Love makes the world move, shake and bloom, and Lucid told us all about it. 

What is noticed in the series of albums and time differences? The evolved, yet profound sounds, complementary to the era changes. Thematic coherence and deep lyrics wrapped in legendary artistry and storytelling. This doesn't stop in "V". Only this time we have a much more playful yet relaxed tone and voice like a glucose guardian would do.

V: The Album

In essence, with "V" ASA wants you to sway and feel at home. She wants you to have a good time with her new, modern and fresh sonic dynamism. In her words to Apple Music, she said, “V is about happiness, love, friendships and lots of joy”.  I think that comes from a place of solitude from isolation. After the pandemic that happened in 2020 and lasted for that long, I think it’s understandable and even makes the whole album a thoughtful and vibe-filled one. This album was produced by the exceptional 20-year old P-prime (most of the tracks) and it featured artists like the dean of Afrobeats, Wizkid; the alte hotshot, Amaarae; and the highlife gurus, The Cavemen

A peak into “V” and you are welcomed with “Mayana”, a fresh and boisterous afrobeat sound. “You and me, my forever / I will be your mayana” just gives a good free verse opening. Albeit sounds different from other openings of her other album, we are embracing differences, please. She establishes a story of having a good time with her lover on an island and being his forever ‘cause there will be 

nothing but our love,

Nothing but our love,

Nothing but the smile on our face…

Questions have been asked about the meaning of “mayana”, there are various meanings but the one that I think resonates with the storyline is “forever” and “well spring of life”. With this, it just means Asa is saying she wants to be the wellspring of life to her lover in the song. It’s a sweet short sound with unforgettable lyrics.

“Ocean”, co-written with Wurld; the electro-fusion singer and songwriter, comes next. If you listen closely, his voice is in the background also. ASA says she wrote this song at 4am in the morning like every other song that she writes. In her words,” 4am is an important time for me, because I’m more active, creative and much more."

“IDG”, the third song on the album, had an organic tone to it. It’s not far fetched- the dean of Afrobeats was featured in it. The song explains how she wants to find her home and love with zero bad vibes. Remember, Asa wants you to feel the good vibe. There was a part that had caribe and soweto expressing how you shouldn’t go too far to find love. 

If you are with me, you’ll remember how I said love was mentioned a lot in this album? Yeah, “Nike” took that path also, with a storyline of course. Imagine you loving up and seeing the world with someone, no one else matches the feel and butterflies they give you, then everything goes south and you are looking for the similarities in other people you meet and they aren't just “good enough”. Yes yes yes, there you go, you have “Nike” making you feel those emotions. 

But when you remember yourself in that feel-good love moment, then “show me off” is the perfect song to put you in a good picture. Just like the title suggests, the free verse gives off that vibe- 

You're like the beautiful sunrise in the morning

When I look into your eyes, they mesmerize me

Oh, you remind me that l am lucky lucky

You're the one that l'm gonna live my life with”

I for one sang this song to my partner and I know it’s definitely going up as an addition to my wedding playlist songs or those romantic Karaoke nights, “Show Me Off” is perfect. The highlife-y and relaxed sound makes it the sound to slowly swirl to. Beguiling!

“Morning man” comes up and if you are single, you start to say “god when? Just when would I find my morning man and be the person I see early in the morning?. We love love, and that’s essential. Regardless of the kind of relationship, which is why I like that ASA sang “Good Times” with “The Cavemen”, the perfect combo and words can’t simply describe how quintessential it is. Personally, it is my best track and this is because I value love and friendship.

Good times are always gold

Lately I have been so cold

And I want to be 

with you my friend” 

Words like this and more were said in this track that highly gives reference to friendships. This song takes you right back to the feel and texture of highlife South African music or Palm wine music.

Remember how “Nike” envisages a broken hearted person not willing to try again? “Believer” negates that, “baby I’m a believer, I’m a believer” it’s a sound for someone that is willing to try again at loving hard after the first knocks her off hard. And boy, the hook was a proof of her vocals, it sounded like she was in a musing mood when she penned this piece.

The wispy-voiced Amaarae did her magic in “All I ever wanted” and ASA brought her authenticity alongside as well. There was a sprinkle of Yoruba here and there, it brought a smile straight up to my face ‘cause ASA tried to sound as wispy as Amaarae does, it is adorable. I love it! 

I love love also, greatly even, it’s one of the greatest things in the world and ASA came in front of it with this album. She wrapped the album up with the last track “love me or give me red wine” - a sound encased with feminine beauty and assertiveness. In her description of this song to Apple Music, she said “this song takes me somewhere, perhaps to a past relationship”. ASA, yes, it took me somewhere, it took me into myself, caressing my beautiful and independent self while drinking red wine. For a kind of wine that stimulates my sexuality and sensuality, yes, it did take me to a place. 

For some of her fans, the paragon of love and solitude, that lasted for a reasonable thirty minutes might come off as lacking in the lyrics department, as they are used to fierce lyrics. However, it gives a fierce attention to love and what’s not to love about it? You got it, nothing. 

This is a win for her on all sides and I won’t be surprised if it’s put on the table for “album of the year” boy! It deserves it. 

In my words, I’ll say the “V” means vibes ‘cause that’s all it gave, good vibes that lingers with love and fondness. All we need in this mad world.


Buju’s Sorry I’m Late Review

Review; Sorry I’m late

Buju released his EP – “Sorry I’m Late” on 28th of October to all streaming digital platforms. Sorry I’m Late gives the listeners a view of his unconventional journey but comfortable sound as an artiste. Prior to his EP, he has found a name for himself and rightfully been a single sought-after artist.

You listen to Outside (his 2021 solo debut single of the year) and you instantly know he has a story to tell.  It is a solemn track that carries the thoughts in his mind in a bag, with of course the right rhythm. He got the undivided listener’s attention when he got featured with Wizkid on Mood.